You know that dirt, dust, and other contaminants can over time build up in your ducts causing your HVAC systems to stop functioning properly. When you decide to have your ducts cleaned, or your furnace serviced, it’s important to be aware of the “scams” out there. Here are some warning signs of a duct cleaning scam:

Prices way to cheap

If it seems like too good of a deal than there’s a catch. Often companies will say they can clean your home for $99. That sounds great right! But often these “deals” have hidden charges like a limited number of ducts, that will add up by the time the bill comes. Read the fine print ask many questions. Never pay a deposit on a cleaning service. Payment should be accepted after you are happy with your service. When it comes to other services involving parts a deposit on the part can be required.

Many Complaints

There are many reliable sites online where you can check how other homeowners rate the services of duct cleaning companies. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) also have complaint records for companies available online. Some complaints can be a good thing. You can't make everyone happy! However, if you find multiple negative reviews and complaints about a company you should be aware.

No Online History

If you find nothing about a company when you attempt to research their reputation online, it's a sign that they're either inexperienced or a fly-by-night company. Also, a lot of Facebook adds are out there, if they don’t list their company name or links to a website this is a red flag that their services may not be legitimate.

Scare Tactics

When a company is using scare tactics to get you in this should be a warning. Especially with duct cleaning, there is no emergency to your systems bad enough to warrant a rush with booking. You have time to do the research and ask questions. If they are forcing you to book right away than they are stopping you from checking into their company.

Lack of Knowledge

When you ask, a trustworthy and experienced service provider should be able to explain their cleaning process in detail. If you are asking questions and they cannot answer them, you should worry about their skills. A proper way to clean the ducts in your home is with a powerful vacuum and air hose introduced at specific access points to remove debris. They should also be checking and cleaning your HVAC equipment too so your entire system is contaminant-free.

These statements above also apply to other services provided but an HVAC company. Ask questions do your research. If a company is trustworthy they will give you the time to do the research, as they know you will come back to them. If you would like to avoid scams and be provided with honest reasonable prices, call Air Raid Furnace & Duct today!