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Energy Savings!


Christmas and New Years has come and gone. Just like many others, you may have overspent. Electrical bills can skyrocket during the holiday season, and so can gas bills.  The weather in Calgary is freezing, the sun goes down earlier, and the outside of your home is filled with extra lights.  Entertaining is expensive. You may be cooking more for guests so the oven, stove, and dishwasher were being used more often, and you may have had guests using extra water or doing additional loads of laundry.  In short, A LOT of energy was used during the holidays.  To help combat this, here are 3 ways you can save money in January.

Adjust Your ThermostatAdjusting your thermostat is a great energy saving practice all year round.  Ideally, during the winter, the temperature gets turned down while everyone is out of the house for the day and again while everyone is warm sleeping under blankets at night. The actual adjustments can vary based on your family’s needs.  You don’t need to limit doing this to the month of January, over the course of the year you can save a lot.  One easy way to implement this year round is by installing a programmable thermostat that can make these adjustments for you.Going a step further by making sure your furnace is running efficiently can make sure you are not wasting money by paying more to heat your home. A performance maintenance tune-up can make sure you are operating efficiently and can save you money in break down costs.

Use LED LightsInvest in some new LED lights.  Yes, this involves spending, and LED lights do initially cost more, but you will be very pleasantly surprised by the savings. On average you can save $75 per year.Consider having your outside lights on a time to avoid them being on when not needed.Candlelight can also be used to create cozy nights and save you money.

Cook Energy EfficientlyA kitchen is a prime place for energy saving. An estimated 4.5% of total home energy use is from the kitchen, and this figure doesn’t include the energy costs associated with refrigeration, hot water heating, and dishwashing. Added together, these costs mean that as much as 15% of the energy bill comes from your kitchen.Cooking, especially dishes that spend a long time in the oven or on the stove, uses up a lot of energy.  When prepping meals, plan ones that use other appliances in your kitchens such as your slow cooker, microwave, or toaster oven.  Keep the lids on your pots so items on the stove will cook faster and resist opening the oven before the food is done.

Overall, many of the good energy saving practices we should be doing all year round can be extra helpful this time of year.  A little bit can go a long way. Remembering to turn off lights when you leave a room, think about taking a little shorter shower, and turn off the water while brushing your teeth.  For more information about energy savings call Air Raid Furnace!

Keep Your Exhaust Pipes Clear

We have been hit with nasty weather in Calgary and Southern Alberta. The snow is deep and the wind is freezing. This is a perfect combination for frozen exhaust pipes, and shut off furnaces and hot water tanks. It’s is important to inspect your pipes regularly to ensure proper air flow. If they become blocked by snow they can cause deadly carbon monoxide to build up in your house. Make sure you install or check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector. During the winter, with less open windows, it’s important to make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working.

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