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Today’s homes are built air tight and seal out the fresh air from the outdoors.  This is why a clean furnace and duct work is very important.

All the dust, dirt, chemicals, pet hair, allergens, odours, and disease causing bacteria blow around your home every time you turn your furnace on.  

Ensure your family breaths clean air!  

A dirty intake vent

Reasons to clean your furnace regularly:

1. Helps reduce heating and cooling costs

A dirty furnace is an over worked furnace. This will cause longer running times - increasing your bill. This also applies to air conditioners.

2. Less break downs and maintenance

An over worked furnace wears down faster causing unnecessary repairs.

3. Reduces build up and keeps you safe

Added peace of mind by cleaning intake vent to your furnace

Over time your furnace builds up dirt, dust, and grime around the motor and other valuable parts. This causes your system work harder and increases the temperature of the motor. This buildup can ignite causing a fire in your home. You dryer and its vent are equally important and can be added to any furnace and duct cleaning for a discounted price.

4. Improves air quality especially with allergies and asthma

Dust is made of dead skin, hair lint fibers and other microorganisms. During a furnace and duct cleaning we will scour your systems and remove the pollutants that build over time. Even better we take them with us leaving your home cleaner than before. For even more information about air pollutants check out our air purifiers.

5. Remove objects that have fallen down the registers

Even if you don't have kids, little items fall down your registers. More often than not the item will stay there until your next furnace clean. Check out the video game console that was found in the ducts as it was being cleaned in our video below.

Buyer beware

Don't neglet cleaning your Furnace Filter

When buying or renting a new home we strongly recommend getting your ducts cleaned. You just don't know what happened or lived in the home before you. Did water spill into the vents? Or did an animal get loose? What kind of air are you breathing in?  It's a good idea to start fresh!

A Real Life Example: 

A burnt tennis ball from a home in Calgary
We had a customer in Calgary who bought a home. He tested the furnace system by turning it on briefly to see if it worked.  He then prudently called Air Raid to do a furnace cleaning before the fall and we found this tennis ball.

If he had run the furnace in the fall, at best, he would of had a bad burnt rubber smell throughout his home.  At worst, his furnace, duct work, and ultimately his home could have caught on fire.  Either way, he’s extremely grateful he regularly has his furnace and duct work cleaned.


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