Environmentally Friendly All Weather Duct Cleaning Calgary and Area


We Also Provide Proof Your Ducts Are Cleaned


Many companies in Calgary claim to clean your furnace and ducts.  We provide proof with a cobraview camera when cleaning each vent


Benefits of Air Raid Furnace Cleaning Services…

A Calgary home with many potential furnace hazards

1. No extra charge per vents 

While other companies charge up to $12 per vent, we save you money by never counting vents we clean.

2.  No extra charge for high efficient furnaces

Just because you have a high efficient furnace doesn't mean you should pay for it.

3.  We provide proof your ducts are clean

Have you wondered what's in your ducts? As our techs are cleaning your vents, you can view on a portable screen the inside of your duct work

4.  Our company's foundation is built on our reputation

We want you to feel confident you received the best service and the best prices. Our word is our bond.

5.  Our technicians are the most honest and reliable in the industry

Our technicians are not commission paid. We won't sell you things you don't need.


Don't Clean Your Ducts With a Gas Guzzling Vac Truck

Air Raid uses state of the art equipment to ensure you are breathing the best quality of air. We understand the environment is delicate.  The Hyper Vac unit is quality at its best, meaning you will get suction comparable to what many duct trucks are providing at the furnace but without the harmful engine fumes. Constant high pressured air ensures your vents are clean. Because we use a portable unit we can show you what we take out of your furnace and ducts. We are also able to operate regardless of the weather outside. 
(see video below for more details)


Flat Rates - No Hidden Costs!


  • No extra charge for high efficient furnaces
  • All cleanings include ALL VENTS and 10 POINT INSPECTIONS!!

Many Calgary homeowners make the mistake of assuming a duct cleaning company will clean your duckwork. With our CobraView Duct Camera we will show you how clean your ducts are. 

See the Difference!!!


Calgary and surrounding area Residential or Commercial cleaning. 
Let us show you how necessary and affordable furnace & duct cleaning can be.





We'll raid your Furnace, not your wallet!

You'd be surprised what might be lying in your vents! 
(at 1 minute 20 seconds)

Environmentally friendly cleaning, in any weather.