Medical Grade UV & HEPA Air Purifier and Furnace Humidifier Calgary and Area


Why Leave Your Home to Get a Breath of Fresh Air?



Southern Alberta winters are cold and dry. Humidifiers push moisture into the air creating many benefits to you and your family. Many studies show that maintaining a humidity level of 43% or higher can reduce viruses therefore reducing the chance of colds or flus.

1. Moist Air Prevents the Spreading of Viruses and Bacteria 

In a low humidity environment airborne viruses thrive. Installing a whole house humidifier can mean the difference between being sick or remaining healthy.

2. Skin, Eyes, Nose, and Throat Require Moisture

In a dry environment skin dries out and flakes. Moisture creates smooth soft skin. Eyes become scratchy, causing you to depend on eye drops. Your nose dries, swells and crack making you susceptible to viruses and bacteria. Your throat becomes dry and sore, and dries out your vocal cords and causes you to have a rasp.

3. A Better Night's Sleep

Sleeping with a Whole Home humidifier reduces stress on your lungs and can reduce snoring

4. Healthy House Plants Improves Indoor Air Quality 

Plants pull toxins out of the air.  However, plants can be affected by dry air as well. Are your plants' leaves drooping or do they look sad? A whole home humidifier can keep your plants healthy which in turn makes you healthy?

5. Protect the Wood In Your Home

Did you just buy or renovate your dream home? You picked out your furnishings and the perfect wood floor. Dry air can damage the wood causing your furniture, floors, mouldings, and doors to dry, crack and split. A whole home humidifier can preserve the integrity of the wood, maintaining it in years to come.

 6. Reduce Static Shock

Do your kids love to drag their feet on the floor and the shock you? A humidifier will decrease the lightning show in your home.

 7. Reduce Your Heating Bill

Moist air feels warmer than dry air. You can set your thermostat a few degrees lower saving you money.

In the end a humidifier benefits your families over all wellbeing. Installing a whole house humidifier at your furnace insures the humidity can be available in all rooms of your house!!




Air Purifiers

Most of us take our health for granted. Air quality easily ranks as one of the most influential factors on our health.


Indoor Air Pollution Is A Serious Threat

Pollen, mold, allergens, and bacteria are just a few of the microbial hazards that spread through the air. Stopping these pollutants at the heart of your home, the furnace, insures your home is defended.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & the World Health Organization (WHO) are both warning the public about how serious this issue has become:

"...our indoor environment is two to five times more toxic than our outdoor environment,…” ~ EPA

“... The WHO have concluded that 80% of all cancers are attributed to environmental (i.e. Air Pollution, Food, Water, etc.) rather than genetic factors, including exposure to carcinogenic chemicals, many of which are found in household cleaning products.” 

“... almost 3% of the global burden of disease is due to indoor air pollution.” ~ WHO


Not All Furnace Air Purifiers Are The Same

The portable units are basically electric dust filters, and only cover one room. Adding a whole home high output UV germicidal lamp in your furnace works by breaking down the electron bonds of an organic molecule.

This intense light penetrates airborne microorganism, causing their cellular makeup to be destroyed, killing them or rendering them harmless and/or prevents them from reproducing.

If you have central air conditioning a UV air purifier can be the perfect match in your home. Condensation from your a/c coils can increase the bacteria and mold. A UV lamp will kill these.

The numbers are impressive!

  • Reduce potential illness at an alarming rate
  • UV air purifiers have a 93% viral and bacterial eradication efficiency.
  • Help your home smell fresh
    UV air purifiers have up to 88% odour removal rate.
  • UV air purifiers neutralize harmful fumes 
    By eliminating 80% of chemical vapours such as ozone.

Breathe easier knowing you're leaving the pollutants outside!