Professional Hot Water Tank And Tankless Repair And Installation Calgary And Area


Sadly, No Hot Water Heater Lasts Forever


 It may be time to talk to us when you experience any of these issues:

  • Not enough hot water for the whole family?
  • Luke warm showers?
  • Hot water discolored?
  • No hot water at all?   

These are all strong indicators to replace your hot water tank. Deciding if you need a new tank is just as important as determining the perfect model for your needs.  Choosing a water heater that is too small will cause you to run out of hot water and will shorten the water heaters’ lifespan. We can guide you through every step of choosing a hot water heater to make sure that you have the right model for your needs.

Your hot water heater is invaluable. Often overworked and under appreciated, a hot water heater makes showers, baths, and even washing dishes a delight. It is time to show your water heater some appreciation by letting Air Raid Furnace & Duct take care of both routine maintenance and emergency repairs.

With the experienced and highly-trained service technicians at Air Raid you'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Leak elimination
  • Longer water heater life
  • Water damage prevention
  • Lower maintenance costs vs. cost of replacement
  • Reliably hot water for all purposes

As your trusted Calgary water heater experts, our technicians repair, replace, and install both tankless and standard water heaters.

Calgary Water Heater Replacement

Our water tank maintenance will extend the life of your tank, but when breakdowns occur, you can trust our technicians to assess your individual needs and provide you with the best recommendations.

If your Calgary water heater needs to be replaced, we have your solution.